Warranty jewelry

You will receive a guarantee on your Mijn bedels jewelry. The following rules apply to this:

On silver jewelry is 3 months warranty from the date the jewelry is purchased.

On silver jewelry with a golden gilding is 3 months warranty from the date on which the jewelry is purchased. The gold-plated layer is a thin layer of a micron 14-carat gold, it will, therefore, wear out over time and with use. Underneath this layer is real silver, so you always keep your silver Mijn bedels jewelry. This warranty therefore only covers material and production faults.

Outside the warranty is:

checkmark.png Fracture (unless it is a proven manufacturing defect).
checkmark.png Damage due to normal wear and tear, improper use or incorrect handling.
checkmark.png Discoloration due to the use of water, perfume, soap, lotion or hairspray.
checkmark.png Discoloration due to a high acidity of the skin.
checkmark.png Processing by a party other than Mijn bedels (for example, for customizing a ring).

To enjoy your Mijn bedels jewelry for a long time, it is important to carefully handle your jewelry. Mijn bedels jewelry are carefully made of beautiful materials, but it remains a jewel. So always be careful with it.

Important tips for proper maintenance and usage rules for your Mijn bedels jewelry:

Protect your jewelry from scratches and butes.

Avoid contact between your jewelry and hard surfaces. Do not touch it over a hard floor.

Take off the jewelry before you start exercising, doing household or other rough work and when you go to sleep or showering.

Avoid the contact between the jewels and chemical means such as perfume, cleaning agents and resources found in swimming pools.

Avoid the contact between your pearls and cosmetics. Their beautiful shine and color can be damaged by contact with make-up, hair spray and perfume.

Do not clean your jewelry with chemicals and do not brush it with a hard cloth.

Only use lukewarm water without chemical additives.

It is possible that pearls and silver discolor by normal use.

Mijn bedels is not liable for damage caused by wearing the jewelry or by improper or improper use.


A Mijn bedels jewelry is not suitable for children younger than 36 months because of the small parts that pose a choking hazard. A Mijn bedels jewelry is not a toy, so keep it away from babies and children!